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November 30, 2014

{The Countdown is On!}

It's OK to start talking about Christmas now right? I mean, it's after Thanksgiving and Black Friday is behind us. Lets be honest, I started talking about next Christmas the day after last Christmas lol. It's my favorite holiday.

I'm slightly ahead of the game this year. I've got Dawn completely done for under the tree gifts, and her stocking is pretty much full. I'm going to add some candies and maybe a book to it just to fill out the top since everything seemed to drop to the bottom last night when I was checking it out lol. She is going to be very pleased with what she is getting this year. Mainly because it's what she asked for lol.

Well, except for the locker stuff, because I couldn't really find anything. Honestly she doesn't need any more distractions at school than she already has. But everything else is basically spot on for what she had said she wants. And the best part was a lot of it I bought with my American Girl money (I'm selling off my collection) and most of it was on sale or bought at a super discount from Ross. She's getting; 4 shirts (3 from Old Navy with a huge discount & 1 from Ross), 4 pairs of jeans (2 designer pair from Ross & 2 pair from Walmart that I spent $8 total on!), Betsy Johnson bag (from Ross), Flat iron, Monstertail Loom, Kaboodle, and 3 Beading sets (she saw them at Walmart one day and said she wanted them so D picked them up). In her Stocking she's getting 2 Bath&BodyWorks lotions, Wallflower w/2 bulbs, 2 Makeup brushes, Lip balm, Betsy Johnson wallet (it matches the bag), and a couple other things that I can't remember right now. So yeah, she's pretty set. We told everyone to get her clothes too or give her money so she can buy her own. She doesn't play with toys anymore, they get sat on a shelf somewhere and eventually end up at Good Will. But clothes will last her a lot longer.

Owen is almost done too. I have to get him a few things for under the tree yet. He's really hard to buy for this year. Not because he's picky but because he's happy with whatever we get him. Which makes it kind of hard to pick things out. We finally just took him to Toys-R-Us and let him pick things out that he might want. Then D sent me next door to Chuck-E-Cheese to let them play while he went and bought the things he said he wanted lol. We are sneaky parents ;). He ended up with; 2 big ninja turtles (the ones from the movie..which look creepy to me!), Big Hero 6 guy, Fart Gun (from Despicable Me lol), Mine Craft Diamond Sword, Nerf Gun, Light up turtle mask, a Play Doh Turtle mold, and Turtle Mask Book. We went to the mall yesterday with my mom and he picked out a head set and a controller he wants from GameStop too. So I think I might head over there at some point and pick that up for him. He's such a little gamer. Ugh. His stocking is bursting too! He's getting a turtle book, play doh (4 cans), Dinosaur Egg (from How to Train Your Dragon 2, you hatch it yourself), Turtle toynun-chucks (plastic of course), Swords (plastic again), and a couple other things I (once again) can't remember right now. He's going to be very happy as well.

Gaige has been bought for for a while now. D got him a my first rifle or something along those lines. He got him ammo and a case for it too. I'm going to go buy him accessories even though he only wants money for Christmas. I can't physically as a mom, let him only get the gun and a couple gift cards. It's just not in me. Plus, I don't think he would like it very much if the other 2 were sitting there opening gifts and he was left counting money lol. D is giving him a bunch of his gold coins too for stocking though. He's going to love that cause he's always wanting them when D brings more home. I haven't really gotten him anything for his stocking either. Which kind of is the norm because the kid is ridiculous to buy for. He is just like Owen and isn't super picky about what he gets but I know that he wants certain things. It makes me crazy!

I got D a couple under armor shirts and he's also getting this tool he needs for his leather working. I haven't bought that yet though. He's hard to buy for too. He never says "get me this for Christmas", it's just "I really like that" or "that's cool". How am I supposed to know what to get him if he doesn't tell me?? And he is picky. Blah.

He went shopping for me a week ago (when I was sick). I don't know what he bought me (other than the onesie he already gave me because I was cold lol). Since I can't get my new phone (stupid Verizon 2 year contract) I don't really know what I want. Actually I don't think there is anything I want lol. Which is odd. He will probably either leave it with what he bought me or he'll go to Ulta and see what he can get lol. He did that last year and I ended up with a new hair dryer set :).

So what is everyone else getting their kids or husbands for Christmas? What's on your Christmas list this year? 

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