November 25, 2014

{Just Another Thankful Post}

I'm planning on doing a whole Thanksgiving post on Thursday since I'm doing all the cooking this year at home. But I thought I'd go ahead and do my What I'm thankful for post now :). I know that everyone is doing them, it's just a part of the season. Deal with it.

For starters my husband. As much as he might annoy the piss out of me sometimes, I'm glad it's him that's doing it. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me (apart from my kids) and I could not imagine my life without him. Our relationship might not be normal to some. We name call and joke around about things that might cause fights between other couples, but not us. We're just...not normal to be honest. And not just all that, but I know I can count on him to be there for me. Just like when I was sick. I knew that he would come rescue me and do everything he could to make it better. And he did. Sure he didn't get my texts until 30min later but when he did he came home. I'm thankful for that. Other husbands might not have been so willing to leave work and come take their sick wife to the ER.

When I'm talking about being thankful, I can't forget to mention my kids. They all 3 try my patience sometimes. They all 3 make me want to pull out my hair and I know one of them will push me over the edge someday and I'll end up crazy pills. But I love them all anyway. Owen is such a sweet boy. Always so worried about other people. And so curious about everything. Gaige is the same, worried about how everyone around him is. He will probably the one of the 3 that the other 2 can call and he will come running no matter what he's doing or what they need. He's a great big brother. Dawn has come a long way herself. I've come to realize she's never going to be like the boys, and that's OK. As long as she can make it through high school, I've done my job right?

Although some people don't understand it, my dogs are something I'm beyond thankful for too. Sure they poop on the floor every chance they get and Boss is so grumpy it's ridiculous. But with losing Lina this October I have really come to appreciate them even more. Boss definitely got me through it. Dogs are just dogs to some people, but my dogs are family to me.  They're like 2 furry farting babies lol.

Last on my list of things to be thankful for, but certainly not least, is my grandparents. Most specifically my grandpa. As most people know, my parents were not ideal. They were both wrapped up in their own little worlds when we were growing up. Since they were really just kids themselves when they started, it's not that surprising. But my grandparents really stepped in and made sure we were taken care of. Spoiled even. To be honest, we got by with a ridiculous amount of stuff lol. My grandpa worked day and night to make sure that we had so much more than we would have if we wouldn't have had them. He kept me in backstreet boys merchandise until I was 18 for crying out loud lol. We went on trips every summer. We were well loved as kids. And now I'm thankful that my kids get to spend time with him. Gaige especially has bonded with him like nothing I have ever seen before. I'm so glad Gaige had a grandparent like him.

So yeah, there we go. I'm done. So tell me, what are you most thankful for this year?

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