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November 18, 2014

{Well That was Unpleasant}

I woke up Friday morning (probably around 4-5) so cold I couldn't even uncover long enough to put my PJ pants and slipper socks back on. I scooted as close to my little oven (Owen who I often refer to as my personal space heater lol) as possible and tried to go back to sleep. I did. I felt kind blah and yuck the rest of the morning but ended up going to the lawyer with D to finalize some things about our will and make changes.

It wasn't until I was sitting in the car waiting for Owen and Dawn to get let out of school that it hit me hard again. I got the chills so bad it was making my body hurt. Now, I can take pain. I've got tattoos, I've piercings, and let's not forget I've been through labor and delivery twice (once with no drugs what so ever). So I'm not a wimp about pain. But this hurt more than all of that. When I had to walk up to the doors to get Owen that day I thought my body was going to break in two from the pain. My back was killing me and of course his teacher (who is the last to come out) was late getting them out there. So I stood there for a good 10 minutes longer than I do any other day while most of the other kids from the other classes were gone already. I was a teeth chattering mess by the time he got out to me and the short walk to the car was the most horrendously long walk I've ever taken in my life. I had the heat on full blast the whole way home and my teeth were still chattering and I was in tears by the time I got to the house.

I don't think I'd ever been so glad to see my grandma sitting in my driveway either. She was there to get Gaige (as usual on Fridays) and I had her take me up to the gas station for water of all things. I needed to fill my Mt Dew jug with delicious purified soda fountain water. I did that. I cried and told her I didn't feel good and gave her all my symptoms. There was nothing she could do really but I cried about it anyway.

So over the weekend I ended up bouncing between freezing to death and sweating my ass off constantly. If I wasn't doing one I was doing the other. No middle ground at all. But this morning I just couldn't handle it anymore. I was so hot I couldn't stand it. I crawled off the couch and laid on my hardwood floor for about an hour before I text D and told him to come home and take me to the hospital.

I never voluntarily go to the doctor when I'm sick. There are enough cold meds at Walgreen's that will usually take care of what's ails you. So I don't bother spending my $20 copay for them to tell me to take something I probably have in my cabinet. I also don't call D at work. Ever. I might text him or Facebook message him so that he can check it when he can but I have never called him at work. But I did this morning. Twice. After 3 text messages.

He took me to the hospital here in town and thank god it was dead in there. I had a 101 temp and they started off thinking whatever it was was viral. They did a chest xray and checked my pee. Turns out I had a kidney infection. Not fun. They gave me some drugs and hydrated me and sent me home with a scrip. I hate taking medicine.

To be honest though I'm feeling a lot better right now. Not as light headed as I was and I don't feel like I'm going to die. So there's that. I'm kind of relieved it wasn't the flu because as soon I got over it D would have gotten it and he would have ended up having to go to work like that. I don't like it when he goes to work anything less than 100%. It freaks me out.

And while we're talking about D I jut have to say that he is an awesome husband. He did all the laundry (even folded towels!) and cleaned the house while I was incapacitated. He even vacuumed and made sure Dawn did the dishes. I believe I'll keep for a while longer :).

So that was my fun filled weekend. I hope no one else's was worse.