November 2, 2014

{Halloween & Selling my Childhood}

Happy Halloween Everyone!! Nothing exciting happened this year. Gaige went off on his own in my hometown, Owen wouldn't get out of the car, and Dawn was the only one that wanted to trick-or-treat.
 My little Bumble Bee at his school Halloween party! :)

 LOL His halloween parade.

 Deadly Wed lol. She hated her hair.

Me and my goober. He was being a heathen.

They didn't get a whole lot of candy. Which was fine with me after spending all that money on cavities 2 months ago. We were going to do a buy back at the dentist, but they didn't even get enough for that. So I don't see the point. It was a good time though.

My grandma and I have decided to sell off my part and her part of my American Girls collection. So I spent the better part of Friday night (after we got home) and all of Saturday going through things. I really wish she would have waited for my sister or I to help her pack things up. Nothing is together. Nothing. I spent most of my time sifting through small pieces of large sets and trying to find everything so that I could sell it all together. I'm still missing pieces. Hell I'm missing large pieces of furniture. How does that even happen? But I have enjoyed going through it all and remembering how much time I actually spent playing with it. I would dress and re-dress. Do their hair over and over. I was so careful with all of them. I loved them so much!

Molly (above) was my first. I loved her. I wanted her so bad! So my mom made me a deal that if I quit sucking my finger (Yes, I did that) I could get her. Well, it was tough, but obviously I got that under control lol. I took her with me all over. And she was sort of the jumping off point for American Girl. Once I got her I needed her clothes and books and trunk. I then got Addy. Her books were my favorite to read.

But now that I'm older, I have come to the realization that I don't have a reason to keep any of it. I've wanted to give some of it to Dawn but she is so vindictive when it comes to me that she ends up destroying things she knows are mine. I don't think I would be able to handle it if she got pissed off at me and decided to destroy one of them to get back at me. So its best for me to just sell it off and then I don't have to worry about what's happening to it all.

Its selling pretty fast. At least the small things. I've yet to sell anything bigger than a doll :(. I'm hoping eventually though ya know? Mainly because its all sitting in my dining room lol. 

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