May 6, 2013

{♥ My Siblings}

My brother and his gf put together a little sibling night for us all :). It was such a good time! My siblings and I never get together like that. We are all pulled in different directions and if it's not a holiday, we don't usually see each other.

And you know I snapped a few pics :)

He thinks he is so funny!
My 2 brothers and their girlfriends.
Our chef for the evening. He was HILARIOUS.
I have never been to a Hibachi grill before. I was not excited about going honestly. I don't like sushi and I had convinced myself that it was going to be horrible because I also don't like to try new things. At the back of my mind I just said, "well, if it sucks there's a McDonalds across the street" lol. Yeah...I'm that person. But it turned out that you could eat something other sushi. And it was AMAZING. Seriously best food I've had in a long time.
I think a huge part of what it enjoyable was that our chef was hilarious. He just kept picking on my brother lol. It was too funny. We all loved it lol.
The best part of the whole night though was spending time with my 2 brothers cause I never get to see them. We were missing my sister though who had other plans before these were made.
Have you ever been to Hibachi grill? What did you think?