May 11, 2013

{How Dare You!!}

This is for the pitiful excuse for a man that gave my son half his DNA.
HOW DARE YOU walk out on such an amazing kid.
HOW DARE YOU leave him wondering where you are and why you have no desire to be in his life.
HOW DARE YOU leave the people that do care about him here to pick up the pieces when he comes to realize the truth about you.
HOW DARE YOU make me have to lie to my son by telling him over and over you "just weren't ready to be a dad". When in reality you just couldn't handle being an adult and thinking of anyone hut yourself.
HOW DARE YOU tell anyone that you're 'ok' with D raising my son as his own. YOU have no say so in the matter. You forfeited that right when you walked away from him 10 years ago. So stop trying to make it sound like you gave me the OK and it was some mutual decision.
You are a sorry worthless PATHETIC excuse for a human let alone a father. You don't deserve the amazing smart kid that I created. You don't deserve to know him or for him to love you.
I can not even believe that you would make the choice not to be around this kid and I hope that when he's older and you're wanting a relationship with him..that he tells youbexactly where you can stick that idea. He has an amazing dad. One that is always there for him and makes sure he has everything he needs. You are simply the other half of his gene pool.

"I'm writing this after it was brought to my attention that G was seen crying at my grandparents house. When asked why he was crying he said he wants to know where his dad is. My son does not deserve to have to feel unwanted. Because he is very much wanted by all those that are in his life. This sperm donor he speaks of should not hold such a place in his mind. But he does. Probably because I've done what good mothers do and I've kept from him the truth about why his sperm donor isn't around. I kept that feom him because I don't want my feelings to cloud his judgment of him. And it kills me that he is hurting so much because of this jerkoff. The same jerkoff who took me to court for visitation and has still yet to be in the same room as my son cause he just blows him off. I have a feeling you'll regret this decision when you're old and he's grown and you want a relationship with him. You'll be the one that is hurting then. Cause I have jo doubt that he will tell you that he has a dad...the man who raised him. And that he wants nothing to do with you. Of course you'll blame it on me. But uou andbi we know the truth..don't we?"