May 11, 2013

{I'm a 90's Kid!}

I was a total 90's kid. I mean, I was 7 years old in 1990 and in 1999 I was 17. So yeah. I lived through it all. The bad fashion, the shows, the music. All of it. So when I saw Tracy and Stephanie do this tag, I had to do it. So here we go!

1. favorite tv show of the 90's
Early 90's it was Strawberry Shortcake & Rainbow Brite no doubt about it. I also watched David the Gnome and Gummy Bears, Duck Tales, and a bunch of others. I love cartoons lol. For regular shows a little later in the 90's I was watching Step By Step and Family Matters and Full House. Those were the main ones that I remember.

2. favorite toy of the 90's
Umm..I'm going to say Barbies.

3. favorite commercial
I don't think I had one. I hate commercials.

4. BSB vs. Nsync
Are you kidding?? Backstreet Boys all.the.way. Nick Carter...*swoon*

5. Weirdest fashion trend.
Stirup pants. I wore them..I did not enjoy them and I still don't know why the hell they were so popular.

6. favorite collectableI don't think I collected anything but Backstreet Boys stuff. Oh! I collected Barbie stuff lol.

7. favorite beanie babyI wasn't really a fan of beanie babies. I had a couple but I don't remember which ones.

8. How many tamagachi's did you go through?Just one. I got it for Christmas from my moms dad.

9. Favorite game console and game.Oh man, we had a lot of game consoles lol. We had a Nintendo at my parents house and I LOVED the original Mario Bros. game. We also had a Simpsons game that I played constantly.

10. Favorite disney channel original movie.I don't think I really watched the Disney Channel. So I don't know.

11. Favorite music artist of the 90's.New Kids on the Block in the early early 90's. Then it went on to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

12. Favorite Nick Jr. showDavid the Gnome is one that I watched every single time it was on.

13. Favorite CandyMy grandparents own a gas station and every day after school (or sometimes before lol) we would stop there and get a candy bar or something. I never really had a favorite but I always got snickers. I also enjoyed Pay Days.

14. Favorite GameMy mom bought us a Disney Trivia game. Loved it!

15. Favorite McDonalds happy meal toyI didn't really have one I don't think.

16. Favorite Book.Early 90's I was 7 so my favorite book was 1 kitten is not too many, I read that book so much that I could recite it without even seeing the words on the page. Later I started reading Babysitters Club, Box Car Children, R.L. Stine books, Babysitters Club Little Sister. My mom also had this book called Secret Admirer. I read this book so many times the cover fell off. I still have by the way.

17. Favorite clothing storeWhen I was a kid I didn't have a favorite obviously. But later it was Wet Seal and Deb.

18. what did you watch when you got home from school?
I don't even remember lol. I do remember later on coming home and my brothers were watching Power Rangers. But we spent most of our time outside.

So there you have it folks. You should fill it out and leave a comment with a link to your post! :) Or you can just comment with your answers.