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February 15, 2010

{Happy Valentines Day!}

I have been shopping so much lately. As much as I absolutely love to spend D's money (hehe) I have about had it with the mall. I've been there about 6 times in the last 2 weeks. Crazy right? I haven't been there more than 2 times in the last 2yrs before this. I've also gone to Gordmans, I love that store! I went on Friday with my mother, sister, and her SIL. Then I went back on Saturday because I saw a 13pc glass cookware set for $20! I also ended up getting a swim suit. I look like a friggin' polka dot whale but damn it I got 1 and that's all D said I needed to do. Anyway- on to other things.

Saturday I borrowed Law Abiding Citizen from my step-dad and then we watched Time Travelers Wife. Law Abiding Citizen was really, intense, within the first 5 minutes. It made me cry a little bit when those people broke into Gerard Butlers house and killed (and raped) not only his wife but his daughter..his 6yr old daughter. I can't handle movies like that. But when he started killing people (Gerard Butler), I smiled. The Time Travelers Wife was good too. It was really sad though. I enjoyed it. I really loved how it was just fate that she knew she would be with this man forever, even when she met him in his future, he didn't know. It was great.

On Sunday (Valentines Day) D and I got up around 9am and ended up going to Bob Evans for breakfast, but since it was Sunday and packed full of old people and their walkers/canes we decided Steak 'n Shake was a better idea. Boy were we wrong! As we walked in we saw a waitress leaving for a smoke break. We sat there for maybe 10min. before someone even came over to talk to us and take our drink orders, turns out it was the waitress that was outside on her smoke break. We sat there for another 10min. before she came back to take our order. We got in there before 11am and didn't get our food until almost 45min. later. Where was our waitress? Smoking. What did we do about this? The waiter that actually brought us our food, got a $20 tip, our waitress, $0. We also informed her manager. I hope she got in huge trouble. That is just effing ridiculous, she spent more time informing us that she went on break and left her tables to someone else, than she did actually waiting on our table. Ridiculous. She had no business going on break at all with that people tables waiting for the their food.

After that we went to the movies and even though I didn't want to, we sat Avatar. To my surprise, it didn't suck. I thought for sure it would be a craptastic sci-fi flick. It was actually pretty good though. I loved the love story in it :).

Oh! I got my new glasses too! I love them! I shall post pictures sometime soon. I love having contacts but I also love having glasses. It makes things a ton easier. My contacts are actually in too, I just have to go pick them up.

So I'll be able to see on our trip to Iowa this coming weekend. Later people!