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January 1, 2016

{Merry Christmas! (late)}

So this is obviously a few days late, but I thought I'd get it up anyway and share my awesome Christmas with you all. So here we go.

Christmas morning was pretty mellow. As we like it. I stuffed the stockings and put out the gifts. That's one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

Gaige came into my room around 7:30am and woke me up. Which is abnormal for him because they don't usually get up until around 9am even on a holiday where they get gifts.

After that came the gifts.

When all the gifts were opened and they thought the surprises were finished. D and I called their cell phones..which we hid inside the tree lol.

Of course this surprise was almost ruined the minute Dawn sat down because she has a problem with her filter...or maybe she just doesn't have one. She sat down on the couch and right away she said I see a card on the tree, which was the PS4 card we hid for Owen to find while they were finding their phones.

They were completely shocked to get the phones! I can't find my SD card reader or my cameras cord, so look for the video of them on my Facebook or Twitter.

I do however have video of Owen opening his PS4. Which I posted on my instagram.

After all the gifts were opened and everyone was completely exhausted, we headed down to my grandma's to have Christmas with my mom and then my grandma. It was OK. Everything is different there without my grandpa and I honestly don't enjoy being there. So we weren't there but a few hours. I left with a headache.

But all in all, it was a pretty good day.

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