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January 22, 2016

{It's Report Card Time! *Update*}

The time has come for report cards! I dreaded this day when I was in school. Probably because I always had super crappy grades and ended up grounded or getting yelled at. Which was funny because neither of my parents graduated high school. Blah.

That is not the case with my kids though, at least not this time anyway.

Dawn stayed home from school so she didn't bring hers home, but Gaige did! And I am so proud of him! This has to be the best report card he has ever gotten.

It reads like this..

Reading: C
Writing: A
Math: C
Science: B
Social Studies: B

He is failing music which I don't understand but I'm also not too concerned with music lol.

He has never gotten this good of a report card. Never. I am so beyond proud I can't handle it!

He has come such a long way from the struggling he did in past years. #proudmom !

I'll have to update with Dawn's grades on Monday when she brings home hers. I really hope she brought her grades up because I want this locker stuff out of my closet. We shall see Monday though.

Update: Dawn got her report card on Thursday but didn't show it to us until her grandpa got here. Hers reads like this..

Math: D
Art: B
Gym: A
Science: B
Language Arts: B
Social Studies: D

It's hard for me to pumped about those good grades, when I know she can pull straight A's if she put her mind to it. But she won't.
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