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January 31, 2016

{Child Support Court Update}

So I'm writing this the night before in hopes it will calm my nerves. I'm so non confrontational and this whole situation has me flipping out a little bit. Earlier today D asked me what my plan is for tomorrow. He knows I hate being the bitch, and I hate calling people out in their crap. But he also knows that I know it has to be done. This should have been brought to light when I found out and not held on to for four years. But like I said in my other child support post, I didn't want to rock the boat. I don't know whats different. Maybe I'm just tired of the whole situation and I'm done with dead beat dads (the fact that my own dad is in jail right now for his own stupidity probably factors in to this as well). I don't know.
What I do know Is that tomorrow I have proof he was working in 2012 and I didn't receive any child support until this year. My proof? 
I have an article of him listed as a sous chef at a restaurant. Yes. He friggin gave a statement to to a news paper about some candidate coming to eat at the restaurant. Who does that when they're dodging child support??
I'm also worried about it being in front of a judge. I know that's silly. But it makes me nervous. I haven't done anything wrong clearly, but still. The butterflies in my tummy will just not settle down.
I honestly don't think I'll get any sleep tonight.
Well that was a waste of time. He didn't show. At first I thought it was because this court date was basically him having to say why he's so far behind, but no. That was not the case. The papers sent to him (using the address I got off the internet on another recent case he has open in another county) came back. So he either gave a false address or he no longer lives there. Then again, he could have just sent it back on his own. Who knows?
I showed the article to the attorney and he said although that shows that he has a habit of working under the table, there's nothing he can do about it because it's old. Which sucks.
We filed a modify petition because he did say that he's paying me way less than he should be. But of course doing that doesn't do a whole lot because when it goes up, he will just stop working again.
This time I'm not letting him get by with it though. If I have to I'll hire a private investigator to find out if he's working or not. I'm sick of this shit. He's damn near 40 years old. Time to grow up.
So that's the gist of what happened.