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June 14, 2014

{A Day in Chicago}

I know that everyone is probably beyond tired of hearing about the Backstreet Boys and such. Which is why I've tried to contain my excitement for this concert. I think I've done a pretty good job lol. I could have talked about them all the time like I did last year..but I didn't :). Someone should give me a reward because its hard as hell to not talk about them all the time lol.
Anyway, last year we left around 2pm to get there by 730 for the show. What we didn't take into consideration was the stupid construction. So we thought sitting in that traffic for an hour was going to make us either late or miss the show all together. Which would have made me cry. We got there just in time though obviously. So this time, since we didn't need to wait for my mom to get ready and pick her up, we left in the morning. At like 8 something I believe lol. 
It was a pretty good ride up. Our trusty navigation on D's phone directing us the whole way. 
We arrived in Chicago at about 11am. We found a spot to park near the venue for $22 and even though we would have had free parking with the ticket, we had no desire to deal with that again this year lol.
We went ahead to the planetarium part of of a museum, it was a wash. The part of it was the kids part. Then it was off to Shedd we went. We walked around and saw the animals/fish.

Then it was off to the aquatic show where we sat for about 30min and watched them put on a half ass show. 

It honestly wasn't anything I would pay to see again. 

The most interesting part of the whole Shedd experience was that we sat behind 3 members of Avril Lavigne's band lol. 

We walked through the planetarium too but I didn't much care for that. 

Then since we could hear them playing music from the stage (from a radio not a band) we went ahead and walked back there :). I totally saw the buses...I died a little bit I'm not gonna lie lol. 

I'll make a concert post on a separate post. Cause this one is already kinda long lol. So stay tuned for that goodness :)