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January 24, 2013

{Awake at 1am}

I really need to get over this being a night owl thing. I look like a zombie in the morning and I feel like in through out the day. I guess I just need to start making myself get up early and stay motivated to get this done.

So on my agenda for tomorrow is to wake up at the latest 630am and try out the Jillian Michaels yoga I found on YouTube. Then shower and set to cleaning the boys room. It looks like an Army guy bomb exploded up there again. So annoying. And then maybe try to get the bathroom done.

Oh there's a fun fact for you all. Our cod water pipe froze yesterday. Just the one going into the bathroom. D had to pull the front wall out (the one holding the shower head) and discovered that not only was there a hole on the other side of the wall...but mold. Thank you douche bag that we bought the house from. Blah. He got the pipe thawed out and working again (I was never so happy to hear a toilet flush lol) and replaced a section of pipe that was causing a leak and created the mold. So we need to get the bathroom done asap. Super fun day that was let me tell you. He was a real joy to be around *eye roll*.

I did discover today however that I do not just have 1 $5 gift card to Kohls but I have 2! And a $3 one. Exciting! LOL I guess I can save them for when I need to get a gift for someone or something. Or maybe I will have lost some weight the time bikini season rolls around and I can put it towards a new swim suit :-).

Speaking of losing weight I'm trying to stick with that. Like for real this time. I have been tracking my food pretty consistently. But I haven't been working out like I wanted to. And I have eaten far too much fast food when I wanted to try to cut back on it. Blah. You can't blame me though...Taco Bell is heaven in my mouth!! ;-) I swear I'm going to lose weights year though. I figured out that if I stick with exercising and avoiding far food I should lose about 20lb by May. Which is my birth month. So yeah. I can handle being in the 180's. :-)

OK. My eyes are starting to droop so I'll let you get back tk your day now.