November 1, 2012

{Youtube-- Relationship Tag}

Once again, another tag from youtube lol. And I tag any and all of you reading to do it! :) I'm not an in front of the camera type of person so I'm not taping this stuff lol.

1. Who eats more? He does lol.

2.Who said I LOVE YOU first? He did :)

3. Who is Taller? Him again.

4. Who is smarter? He thinks he is ;)

5.Who is more sensitive and romantic? I think that would be me for both.

6.Who does the laundry? He just pushed the buttons on the drier for the first time a week ago. We've had it almost a year. That should answer your question. lol

7.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He sleeps on the couch because the little boy still sleeps with mommy...shut up. I know!

8. Who pays the bills? He does.

9. Who cooks more? That would be me. But he makes the best chili :)

10. Who is more stubborn? I think we're both pretty stubborn when it comes to something we really want.

11.Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Depends on who was wrong. lol

12. Who has more sibling? Me! He only has 1 sister but I have 2 brothers & a sister. I win!!

13. Who wears the pants in the relationship? He likes to think he does ;)

14. What don't we do together? A lot of stuff. We're not one of those couples that has to be together all the time, or talking/texting all the time. We like our space.

15. Who eats more sweet? Me. Duh.

16. What is your guilty pleasures? True Blood.

17.How did you both meet? We met online on my 21st birthday :)

18.Who kissed who first? He kissed me :)

19.Who proposed? The 1st time he did. The 2nd time it was kind of me.

20. How did you proposed? When he did it we went out to eat and he showed me the ring I already knew he had (cause I picked it out) lol. When I did it, I just changed my relationship status to 'engaged' on facebook. Then he had people congratulating him and he was like FINE! haha

21. What are your partners best features? He's funny. He's a jackass but I kind of like it. He has a nice butt lol.