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November 20, 2012

{So here it is!}

I can not believe we are almost finished Christmas shopping and we still have a month until Christmas! This never happens to us! lol We are those parents still rushing around the week before trying to find exactly what the kids want. But this year we started kinda early. D got his bonus check this week and we made a huge dent with that. Drama Queen is pretty much taken care of. No problems with that. But G & Bug, those 2 are kinda hard to shop for.

All Bug asked for was a Halo 4 (which we are getting them) and a shot gun lol. When I asked him what he wants, he literally said those 2 things and nothing more. *sigh* So we are getting all 3 of them Halo 4 (joint gift), their own wireless controllers, and then the charging dock like the one that D got for his birthday 2yrs ago. That charger has really come in handy!

We also are going to pick up Bug another shot gun *eye roll*. The kid has 20 different friggin' guns up stairs but he wants a new shot gun. I figure I'll hit Dollar General for that. No point in spend $20 on something he's gonna leave outside lol. I also ordered him a tablet so he can stop stealing my phone lol. It should be here Friday. And he's got a couple costumes and a Halo figure for under the tree.

G asked for a pellet gun that looks like a pistol or something like that. I'm no good with guns lol. D got him that and a bunch of stuff to go with it. A holster and Co2 and all that jazz. We got him that thermus that he's going to be happy with I'm sure. And we're gonna get him some other goodies that have nothing to do with a gun. We just don't know what.

Drama Queen wanted a DS so we bought her one of those even though I told her she wasn't getting any more gadgets this year. She has gotten a camera, laptop, and an MP3 player over the last few years. I think that's enough. So this will be the last gadget we buy her for a while I'm sure. She's also getting clothes, which she said she wants, and some other random stuff that I found for her along the way.

What's uneven is the stockings. Drama Queen is so easy to buy for because she likes all the girly stuff right now. So I'm in 7th Heaven buying for her. The boys are really hard to buy for though. I did manage to find a few thing for them though that I think they'll enjoy. At least I hope so. I miss the days when just a couple toys in the stocking was enough. But I kinda like having an excuse to buy them all this stuff :).

So what are your kiddos getting from Santa?