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November 6, 2012

{This can not be my kid...}

Oh lord. Please someone help me. Something has taken over my little boy and turned him into a fit throwing little heathen and I don't like it one little bit! What happened to the sweet little boy that just wanted to nurse? Blah. I guess that stopped about the time weened huh? My fault. Should have kept him on the boob. *sigh*

Today he didn't want to put his shoes on to run up to the school. He refused to go up to the toy room to go look for them. He then refused to put them on. Same with his socks and his coat. So I told him if he didn't stop he couldn't play xbox the rest of the day. That means no Halo 4 when daddy gets home too, not just missing out on the kids xbox and netflix. So he was pretty pissed about it.

When the kids came home he kept asking for the xbox. He wants to play with G on it so bad. It's what they do every day after school. I kept telling him no, he started throwing another fit. Throwing around clean laundry and even kicked a pillow.

So this is where my little boy ended up...

He's still pretty pissed off. But he'll get over it. He's too old for fits.