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November 1, 2012

{Happy November!}

Hi everybody! (did anyone else say that in the Dr. Nick voice? lol)

I just thought id pop on and make a quick post. Nothing too exciting. D and I were talking about Christmas today! He wants to get the stocking stuffers out of the way early so we have more time and less running around trying to make it even for all 3 kids. I can't handle it when 1 has more than the others. And because I tend to over buy for the drama queen we end up doing just that. Every year. This year though I made a list of things I would like to put in their stockings and we will go off that. Smart right?

Drama Queen
1. Cupcake body lotion
2. Body wash
3. Nail Polish
4. Lip gloss
5. Erasers
6. Jewelry
7. Wallet
8. Key chain w/ house key
9. Perfume samples
10. Razor
11. Shaving cream
12. Tooth paste travel kit

1. McDonalds gift card
2. Camera tripod
3.Captain America Poster
4. Comic Books
5. Glow in the dark stars

Little Boy
1. Glow in the dark stars
2. Character silverware set
3. Captain America Poster

As you can see she has way more than the boys but we get her all tht stuff either.

What are you putting in your kids stocking this year?