November 9, 2012

{It has begun!}


Yup. That's my Christmas tree right there. I put it up yesterday. Why? I couldn't tell ya lol. I got in the mood after going to Hobby Lobby and seeing all their Christmas trees. I couldnt help myself. I love Christmas but I try to wait until after Thanksgiving to put my decorations up. Anyway- I'm kinda bumbed that my tree is missing the angel my mother used on hers. Not because I didn't want to use it. But because its a plug in angel and there is no plug in on this tree :'(. So we bought a star today and I figure I will just use my angel somewhere else. Still a little odd for her to not be on my tree though. I have had her since I moved out on my own.

But enough about my sad little tree. D and I also picked up some wrapping paper minus the cartoon characters this year. We also picked up a little DS purse for the drama queen to keep her DS in (cause we bought that last week). I also found G a thermos! I've been looking for one forever. He likes to take hot stuff to school but nothing stays hot. Its annoying. So he will be happy with that :).

OK so that's what I did today. What'd you do?