February 22, 2012

{Wedding Wednesday}

O.M.G. Things are finally coming together for this wedding and I could not be happier about it!

D and I went yesterday to get our marriage license (ahh!) and Little Boys papers to change his last name (he has my last name right now because we weren't together when he was born). So that is out of the way and as soon as the wedding is over we can drop them back off at the court house and be done with that! Woohoo! I'll officially be Mrs. D! lol

I got all the bouquets done and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

This was before I snipped off the ends so excuse those.

My something blue is taken care of also.

I bought my dress (also bought my comb to attach to my veil and my veil but not all from the bridal store thanks to Hobby Lobby & Claires), D called Famous Daves last night to see about getting catering. My bridesmaid and the drama queens dress are here and ready to wear. My 1 bridesmaid has to find a bra and her dress might need to be taken in a little tiny bit to prevent 1 of her girls from making a surprise appearance lol. My sister (Maid of Honor) should have her dress by tomorrow, it shipped yesterday. So we shall see what needs to be done to that.

We bought D's wedding band last week.

We have our photographer (D's aunt) and our DJ (my brother). My dad is covering the alcohol and we're going to purchase a few bottles to mix drinks.

I have to start the center pieces and that might be a chore, but worth it *fingers crossed*, so stay tuned for pics!

All that we really need to get done now is my niece needs a dress (her mom is handling that) and we need to get some little things like a couple chalk boards and a couple frames :). Other than that, everything is D-O-N-E. Yay!!