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February 27, 2012

{Makeup makes me happy!}

I have never been one to jump around when it comes to make up (like I stated in a previous post), but with this wedding coming up I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with my face & hair on the day.

My hair was an easy find, something simple that wouldn't give me a headache but would look good with veil. Easy enough. But the makeup part was giving me fits. But thanks to Youtube I managed to find something I enjoyed! Woohoo!

And it is this..

I got mine in Buff because Ivory was far too light for me. I can not say enough good things about this foundation. It lasts forever and blends amazing and it covers my problem areas! I love it!!

The only thing I don't love about it is that I'm one of those women that puts a dot of foundation in each area and then blends it together. You can't do that with this foundation, it dries too fast, so you have to blend as you go. Which works out fine. It obviously isn't a serious problem or I wouldn't be raving about it right? lol

Now I know that it's mildly expensive (I got it at walmart for $10), and I try not to spend that much on makeup when I don't have to. But it is certainly worth the money! I wouldn't pay more for it, but it certainly is worth what I paid :).

Another item I am loving right now is E.L.F. Cream eye shadow in butter pecan.

I am so in love with this eye shadow! It goes on and stays where it's supposed to. I just put it on my finger and dab it on until I have the darkness or style I want. It lasts all day and will absolutely be the eye shadow I wear for my day. It's fantastic! The best part? It's only a $1!! You can't beat that. Of course the shipping is crazy, $6.95 but you can buy a ton for that shipping price, it doesn't go up with every item you buy. I heart it! You should check it out without a doubt.

So there is my makeup post :).