February 9, 2012

{She's going to be the death of me!!}

I know what you're thinking. How could 'this face' ever cause my death?! How could she possibly drive me that insane. Well I'm going to fill you in.

I was having a glorious day yesterday! I went shopping, got a ton of wedding stuff done (you'll hear about that soon). Upon pulling into my driveway I hear my phone go off (which automatically reminds me that I need to change my ringer from Alvin & the Chipmunks). I pick it up, a number I don't know, I answer, "Is Mrs. Myers in?" (which made me laugh a little bit), "Speaking." It was The Drama Queens teacher. My mind went to 'oh lord what did she do now?' Not because she gets in trouble a lot at school, it's because she hasn't gotten in trouble recently, so she was about due lol.

He goes on to inform me that the Drama Queen has been telling him that she doesn't know where her homework is and when he went through her desk, he found it, a week and a half worth of home!! Of course by now I'm super annoyed because I ask her every.single.night if she has homework. She says no or she says yes and then spends 10min. doing it. I just make sure that 'yes' she got it done. Well apparently she isn't bringing her homework home anymore. *sigh*

But that's not all folks. Oh no. He then says that she is struggling in math (which has always been a hard subject for her, since she first started school). He also says that it's hard for her to learn the math when she is reading her library book during math. At this point I am starting to see red cause she just admitted to me the other day that she does that and I told her to knock it off, that she can't learn her math if she isn't paying attention to what he says. It's impossible.

So she spent the better part of the evening throwing fit after fit, snot bubbles and all, because she "didn't understand what to do" on her math homework from a week ago. But once I told her I was going to start taking things away from her if she didn't knock it off (and then followed through after she looked at me and broke the lead of her pencil), she got it done. She got it done folks and she did it on her own with no help. She knew exactly how to do it, she just didn't want to do it. That is her main problem.

So she is currently grounded from all things fun until the F she is receiving in math is brought up to at least a C.

So that is how that face, that little girl, is going to drive me crazy enough to die.

She isn't that cute little 2yr old anymore...she's a heathen pre-teen who's hell bent on making me crack.