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February 20, 2017

{I Feel So Accomplished!}

Don't you love it when you feel like you actually got something done over the weekend? It has been cold and gross here for so long I've just felt like a bump on a log. I didn't want to do anything, especially clean, because it felt like someone was constantly tracking something in.

But this weekend the high was in the 60's all weekend! So I finally managed to get some things done I've been putting off.

For starters, I got completely caught up on laundry. So caught up that there are actually clean towels in the closet and I'm washing the dog bed. Not that I don't usually wash our clothes or the dog bed, but it's rare that I get it all done. But I had a big burst of energy with the good weather and just got on top of it. Who knew I had so many clothes?! The dog bed was disgusting also, I feel like I wash it as much as I do our sheets but it just never stays clean and never stays smelling good. Maybe it's because my dog is a farter. I don't know.

Speaking of the dogs, I took the opportunity to give them baths too. Boss hates his bath. Prissy was none too pleased with me either. Which would explain why she decided to punish me by running out of the bathroom before I had a chance to dry her off even a little bit, and shake off in the dining room. Which means water was everywhere. She's lucky she's cute. You might be asking yourself why didn't you shut the bathroom door before you gave her a bath? I did. Gaige came in to ask me something and he left it open. Super annoying Gaige. Super annoying. But they're all clean now and lounging around in the kitchen while they dry off on their back up bed (an old pillow and a sheet).

I also managed to give Holly (my car lol) a good scrub. We've only had this car since November and I swear she looked like a family of hobo's had been squatting in her. There were wrappers, french fries, something splashed on the back of the pull down cup holders in the backseat. She was a mess. But I took some good ol' Armor All wipes to her and she is good as new. I also vacuumed her out. I don't even want to know what was sucked up. All I know, is that she's pretty, on the inside anyway. She still needs a bath on the outside. It was supposed to rain today though so I didn't want to waste my money. I think I'm gonna have to make a no eating rule in there though. Of course, it's not as bad as I let the Tuscon get on a regular basis. Woo. And now that D is driving it, it's even worse lol. I also changed out my car scent! I had a winter scent from Bath and Body Works in there, but I put in my favorite, Watermelon Lemonade, and now you can't smell the Wendy's lol!

D actually got some stuff done too. Aside from the annoying me he did. He got the yard mowed (though I'm not sure why since it wasn't even tall), cleared out the front flower beds, and even filled in the cracks on the front steps. We have a lot to do out there still. Or I guess I should say he has a lot to do. I handle the inside, he takes care of the outside. I hate being outside lol. Maybe we will actually get this yard together this summer. I doubt it and I'm not holding my breath. But I have my fingers crossed.

So there we have it, how did your weekend go? Did you manage to get something accomplished that you wanted to get done?