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May 13, 2012

{Happy Mothers Day!!}

And happy birthday to me!! :) I am 29 years old today. And I plan on staying 29 from here on out lol

I actually had a pretty good birthday. Which is kind of surprising because normally my birthday kind of sucks. There is almost always something that causes some kind of drama so that I can't celebrate the way I want to. This year was pretty enjoyable though. We celebrated on Saturday by going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant (Schooner's I heart me some wings!). As far as gifts go I got a new phone!! I have been wanting one for a while and figured that since we'd had our plan for a year on the 5th that we could upgrade. And we could. My FIL ended up buying my phone and D got me a pink rubber case to go on it. I love it!

D also bought me a deep freezer. Which doesn't sound exciting but it's AWESOME. I love knowing there is somewhere for the food I buy. Our freezer is just not big enough and it never has been. Not for the amount of people that we end up feeding.

I also got my new camera 2 weeks ago but I didn't get that as a gift. I bought it myself. I heart it anyway though.

So what did you guys do for mothers day today? Anything fun?