February 19, 2016

{Dentists & Eye Doctors}

I picked the boys up early yesterday because Gaige had a dentist appointment. I picked up Owen because there was no one to pick him up after school, D would still be sleeping. I figured we could get on the road at noon and stop for lunch, then search for Gaige some new shoes since the ones he was wearing had a big crack in the sole.
We stopped at McDonalds because my childrens minds can't fathom going somewhere for lunch other than there when we are out. (I did just introduce Owen to Chic-fil-a though so woohoo!)

Then we headed to Costco in search of shoes. We found nothing of course. Why is it that when you're looking for something stores never seem to have it? Blah.

We were much more successful at Ross though. In fact, he found a pair of DC's for $30! I was pretty excited about the price. I was expecting to pay way more than that. He is a men's 10 1/2 by the way. How the hell that happened I'll never know!

So that killed about an hour of our time. Note to self: boys don't take as long to find s pair of shoes they like. Which meant we had three hours until his appointment time! We headed to Target where I found the Jetsons movie for $5! Don't judge me! I am an 80s/90s child!

Then we headed to Bass Pro because that's Gaiges favorite store.

We even ended up at the mall for a little while. Someone remind me not to take boys to the mall ever again. They just do not know how to shop lol. Especially the smallest one.

We got to the appointment about an hour early so we sat in the car for 20 min lol. Then I finally said screw it and went in. Which the boys didn't mind because our dentist (Just Kidz) has video games in the waiting room.

He got back there pretty fast and they discovered pretty fast that he had two cavities. And of course he said he didn't care and that he doesn't want to brush his teeth (which would be the reason for the cavities). We made appointments for getting those taken care of.

All was fine and good after that.

Today I picked up Owen at 1pm and took him to the eye doctor. He has been complaining of headaches and not being able to see the board.

It turns out he has 20/20 vision and his headaches are from too much screen time. He holds his tablet way too close to his face also. So we figure his eyes are just getting tired. So no glasses for the baby.

After that we stopped at Chic-fil-a. Yum!!

So all that good stuff happened.