March 6, 2013

{Here comes Peter Cottontail..}

Hoppin' down the bunny trail..hippity hoppity hippity hoppity Easters on it's way!

I am at a complete loss for what to put in G's Easter basket this year. The kid has always been hard to buy for and it's driving me absolutely friggin' crazy!

Then again I still don't know what to put in Little Boy's or Drama Queens baskets either. I got a few little things for both of them. I found Disney's Cars cars at Big Lots for $2each. which is a huge deal cause he looks at them at walmart and they're $6! Pfft. Not spending that on things they've been reselling for 7 years (at least). Sorry. D wants to get him some TMNT (Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle) figures since he is so into them lately.

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I'm thinking about getting them each a kite too :)

For Drama Queen I picked up some paper lunch bags with cupcakes on them, some erasers shaped like food, and that's it I think. I might pick up some $1 makeup at BigLots and put that in there. She has been really into makeup lately. Maybe some E.L.F. brushes? Never too early to learn about how to properly wear makeup. Especially when she had blue eyeshadow all over her eye area the other day.

G is just hard to shop for in general. He's into basically 2 things; all things military and all things police officer. It's kind of annoying actually. *sigh* Maybe I'll just go to the Army surplus store lol.

What are you putting in your kids Easter baskets this year?