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March 23, 2013

{Happy Birthday Paw-Paw}

My grandparents have been a huge part of my life for my entire life. Not like normal grandparents. Oh no. My grandparents raised my 2 brothers, my sister, and I. So when my mom called me the other night asked me if I knew of anything being planned for my grandpas birthday, and I said no, she said we needed to plan something. And so I helped. We decided on Steak N Shake cause that's somewhere he likes to eat. And I bought a cake (even though I was supposed to make it lol). It was my mom & her husband, my 3 kids & me (D had to work), my cousin & his daughter, my grandpa's brother & his wife, and my niece. It was a good time. Lots of laughs. I spent most of the time fawning over my niece whom I never get to see. It was a grand old time. And you know I took some pictures!

Pic 1: My niece & my mom, Pic 2: My cousins daughter, Pic 3: Drama Queen (and her new hair cut), Pic 4: My cousin, Pic 5: Paw-Paw & G, Pic 6: G giving Paw-Paw bunny ears lol, Pic 7: Little Boy (he said "Take a picture of me mommy!"..so I did lol), Pic 8: Paw-Paw, my grandmother (looking in the wrong direction), Paw-Paw's brother & his wife.

So there you have it :). I, of course ended up going home kidless. Which I do not mind one bit lol. I rarely leave a function with all 3 kids when my grandparents are there, everyone wants to go home with them instead. Goobers =P. Anyway- I hope he had a great birthday :).