January 16, 2012

{Who let the dogs out?!"}

Since I had writers block today I thought I’d take a writing prompt from mama kat! And I chose 5 dogs from your lifetime.

If you know me even a little bit you know that I am a serious animal lover. I have been since birth, I got it from my mother. Not my fault. But this is about dogs…so lets get started :).

Buffy (pom) & Jack (Scottie)

These were my first dogs ever. Jack came first, about a year before I was born. The story is that he was found by my uncle in a shed as a little puppy. The IDIOT that owned him before us was just that, an IDIOT. He got his name because of Jack Daniels. Which is what she used to feed him. A poor defenseless animal! Grrr! Makes me wanna hunt her down and punch her I swear! When she moved my uncle decided to go see if she had left the dog and there he was. Eating bugs (they knew this because when he fed him it was bugs he threw up after eating too much real food). My grandparents nursed him back to health and my grandpa started taking him to the gas station (he owned one) with him every morning. Jack was 1 of the best dogs ever. He favored me, probably because I was the calmest of the kids. I loved that dog. He lived to be about 17 I think.

Buffy (the pomeranian in the picture above) was rescued when my grandmother found out that my great-uncle and his girlfriends kids were mistreating her. She would be left alone inside all day long and end up going potty on the floor..my great-uncle & his girlfriends kids would then beat her because she pooped on the floor. Makes sense right? (note my sarcasm) Buffy and I spent a lot of time in our garage when she first came to live with us. She was so scared of everyone, it really was heartbreaking. She finally came around though and she was amazing :). She was my first ‘fru fru dog’ lol. I could carry her around and everything. She also lived until she was about 16 (a year or 2 younger than Jack I’m pretty sure).

And then there is D’Artagnan, a Samoyed that was abandoned near our house. We think he was abandoned (or at least I do) because he was house trained and he could do tricks (sit, shake, walked on a leash really well). He just wandered into our yard one day when we got home from school. My grandmother said he had been there off and on all day. We played with him and fed him. We all 4 fell in love with him right away. He was an amazing dog! When my grandpa came home he switched though, to a protector. My grandpa started walking towards us and D started to growl at him and wouldn’t let him get close to us lol. He was a keeper that’s for sure :). He lived to be 18 I think. Which is pretty good for a large breed dog.

The first picture I ever saw of “Chica”. I had been searching for a female Chihuahua for a while and when I saw this picture I just…I don’t know. I fell in love with her. D and I drove to Delavan to pick her up on October 10th, 2004. She was 4mo old. I went through a ton of names for her. I could not stand the name "Chica". Finally my sister said, "what about Thumbelina?" And I knew, that was her name! She is a Thumbelina, no bigger than your thumb ;). I loved her so much. Unfortunately she doesn’t live with me anymore :(. She lives with a friend by Chicago. She is still a part of my life and holds a large part of my heart. I fully believe that I was meant to have her, and she was meant to go to this friend of mine.


I know the prompt is to do a post about 5 dogs from my life time but I think 4 is enough. Boss and Prissy are both still with me :).