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April 10, 2010

{Well it's about time!}

Three months ago my father-in-law (OK, so he's not my father-in-law because his son is not my husband but whatever) got me my very own domain name for my dog treat business. I wasn't having any luck selling my treats, I thought having an actual website with an actual store would help me a lot more than peddling my wares on etsy (which is one of my favorite sites ever!). I couldn't afford a domain, but FIL found dreamhost and set me up. I was so friggin' excited I could have peed my pants right there while I was setting it up! I couldn't wait to get started designing it (besides treats that is my 2nd favorite thing to do in my spare time), I couldn't wait to show it off. To prove to everyone that said it's a stupid idea that I could do this, I could do something I love and something I'm so horribly passionate about and make money. But there were problems.

The first arose when I realized that I had no clue how to build a website from the base codes up. I didn't know how to put one together on my own. I had always just gotten a code from somewhere like blogskins and stripped it down and made it the way I wanted it. But setting the whole thing up on my own? Intimidating much?! I, of course, couldn't find a free website design that I liked either. So that made it even harder. I tried my hardest to figure out what I was doing but nothing I did was up to my standards. I'll admit it freely, I'm anal about my websites. Horribly anal. I want them to be as close to my vision as possible. And usually, I accomplish this. I gave up for a little while.

Then I decided that because FIL had also set me up with zencart I would just use the store as my actual site. Well that worked out real well, I have no idea how to code CSS which is what zencart layouts are coded with. I learned pretty fast but zencart is so messed up and annoying that I just gave up after a while with that too. Dead end.

And then I got this bright idea, set up a wordpress account! Now that I had my own domain I could host it myself and not have to worry about it. I'd always wanted a wordpress blog..ever since I started one. And there are all of these amazing themes for it, and plugins...oooh the plugins! I of course screwed it up a million times though and probably made my FIL crazy with all the e-mails he would get from wordpress saying I'd installed it after screwing it up and having to delete it lol.

It took about two weeks for me to find a theme I liked and work it to be my own. I set up a store within wordpress and I am sooo happy that it's still a blog.

So here it is bloggies, the debut of PRECIOUS PET PASTRIES!! Expect big things in the coming months, I have so much in store! :)

Other than all that, there's really nothing to report on lol.