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April 14, 2010

{That's gonna leave a Mark!}

I swear Bug has got to be the most accident prone kid I have ever met. If it's possible for him to get hurt doing something, he will. Two days ago we were walking in the house and I was holding the door open. Of course he dragging his feet, he's 2, I have to dangle candy in front of him to get him to move at a decent pace lol. Anyway- we have 3 steps leading to our porch, he was on the second step, he went falling backwards, hit his little noggin' on the ground. It left a scrape and I'm sure it hurt quite a bit but there was not blood so I didn't think too much of it. He got kisses and hugs and wanted to cuddle for a little while, 10min. later he was telling me, "Side" wanting to go back out with the olders. So I let him. :)

Then today while he was running around like a wild man after his brother (G) outside he fell down :(. He came running to me with G in toe to tell me what happened. Basically he fell and got some booby and a nap out of the situation. All was fine after his nap.

Until of course tonight when G spilled a glass of tea on the kitchen floor. Of course Bug took the opportunity to run across the linolium, wet, floor and fell, smacking his head on the floor. Poor baby :(. He got kisses and hugs and some tylenol for any headache that might come later. He's fine ;). He's up in his bed watching Kai-Lan right now.

I just don't understand how someone so small can get hurt so many times in a week. I guess he doesn't have that, "I better be careful cause if I fall this is gonna hurt" voice yet. Hopefully he gets that soon lol.