July 29, 2012

{That time of year again..}

I don't know about the rest of the world, but in this house the end of summer vacation is both a blessing and a curse. I love that my kids are out of my hair (as much as I love them lol) for a few hours a day, but I hate having to figure out new things to stick in G's lunch box. He's such a picky eater! He just recently started eating meat loaf & lettuce. I don't know where he gets his weird taste buds (yes I do) but it's not from me.

So like everything else I need ideas for I took to google. And after an hour of finding blogs with ideas that included foods he will not put in his mouth, I opened up pinterest. Of course that's where I'd find ideas! Pinterest has everything!

And find ideas is exactly what I did! I'm super excited about this one: Frozen smoothies.

I am so excited to get some of these cups and try this out! Finally something creative to send with him. Plus, it'll double as a way to keep stuff chilled.

Lets not forget about the awesome home made lunchables I found on pinterest. I love this idea! My kids love lunchables but I hate having to spend $1.50 (unless I catch a good sale!) or more on them. Especially not when they don't last very long around here. So cutting my own slices of whatever meat they want, adding some Ritz crackers, and a healthy desert is one way to save money and make sure they'll actually eat it.

I can't wait for the kids to start school so I can start using some of the awesome things I'm finding online! :)