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April 23, 2012


Renovating a house is a bitch.

Especially when the house was first "renovated" by a couple of corner cutters. About a month before the wedding D and I removed the strip of carpet right outside the bathroom because the dogs kept peeing on it. Turns out the people we bought the house from had a dog at one point. *sigh* Then they moved to the carpet right in front of the stairs. Grr!! So I ripped that up too. Then I recruited my 15yr old daughter to help me remove the carpet from the rest of the room. Turns out, there's hardwood under it!! It needs some work, but for being so old it's in pretty good shape.

Apparently someone spilled paint too. Nice. Anyway- so with the carpet up in there, D decided we should see what's under the carpet in the living room and bed room. I kinda wish we wouldn't have lol.

When we pulled it up we saw what I thought was mold, but it wasn't, it was dirt. I was so grossed out. But I was really glad it wasn't mold because that would have been awful, but it also would have explained why D's allergies are so bad. Blah. So we pull up just the carpet that meets the dining room and bedroom (a small square basically). It took us 2 hours to do that much. *sigh* It wouldn't have taken that long if the idiot that laid the carpet wouldn't have stapled (crooked at that) everywhere. Everyone knows that you don't put staples everywhere when laying the carpet (and this was on the friggin' padding..not even the carpet). You go around the edges. *sigh* Idiots. Because it took so long to do that and there was so much nasty shit coming up with it, we stopped right there. Now, with the dining room, D got me started in one area and I finished the room. But with all the staples I don't want to start and have to start and stop to spend 2hrs pulling them up or hammering them down.

After seeing what is in the living room though we decided that we're going to refinish the dining room floors but we're going to put laminate down on the living room floor because it is just ridiculous.

And after talking to the neighbor yesterday, we found out he does floors! So he's going to help us :). Yay! Lets hope we can get this all done in a weekend or so. I'll be sure to post pics when we get done!