March 12, 2012

{It's a GIRL!!}

And I didn't even have to go through the pain of giving birth to her! Woot! lol I know what you're all thinking, "she did not get another pet!" No I didn't folks. We got another daughter!

Long story short D had a daughter with a woman he dated off and on before meeting T and the Drama Queens "mom" (I use that term extremely loosely). Her mother went crazy and after much drama he was no longer in her life *sad face*. But as of a few months ago we got child support papers in the mail and all this has changed.

We will call her The Teenager for the purpose of this blog :). I think she's great. As meetings go everything was fabulous. D is ecstatic to have her in his life and I'm thrilled to get to spend time with her too. The entire side of D's family is very eager to meet her as well (and will at the wedding probably).

So there you go. We added another kid lol.

She's 14 (15 in April) and she is so much like D that it's a little bit scary lol. I'll forgive her for that though because she has already been on my side several times when he's being a jackass lmao. GIRL POWER!! lmao!

So there you go. You have been introduced. We heart her.